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Your Web Hosting Manager
David Cavanagh

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Dear Internet Friend:

My name is David Cavanagh, and I'd like to personally thank you for coming along to look at my
hosting packages for your new website.

Whether you only need space for a family website, or if you are a giant company requiring hosting for corporate level business, my fast web hosting servers can accommodate you with ease!

You like me, always want your pages to load fast, your emails to arrive quickly, and by now you realise you need a control panel to look after everything.... simply by just clicking your mouse button.

Well welcome aboard the web's QUICKEST and EASIEST customer oriented hosting company!


I am here to personally support your new online venture, and to give you unlimited support and help.

Your friend,

David Cavanagh

Can you answer YES to ANY of the following four questions?

Frustrated and Upset By the Endless Web Hosting Hype and Exaggerations That You See Everywhere on the Web?

Looking for "Nuts & Bolts" Information That You Can Use TODAY, No Matter What Business You're In, To Set Up Your Online Business With Ease"?

Are You Angry and Disturbed at the Flimsy Web Hosting Trash Being Hyped and Sold By So Called "Gurus" That Have Never Made a Dime Online... Other Than Selling Ideas and Success Stories That They Copy From Others Who Have Made It?

Are You Looking For A Web Hosting Company Who'll Be There To "Hold Your Hand" And Help You "Through The Good Times And The Bad"?

If you answered a resounding "YES" to any of the above four questions then I know EziWebHost can definately help you with your web hosting needs!

I'll let you in on a little secret:

I get more than a little annoyed with all those "Johnny Come Lately" web hosting companies with
their pitches of Internet riches, based on tired, worn-out marketing strategies from stuff they've read on bulletin boards and in "Get Rich Quick" Magazines.

You know the type... selling some ebooks titled, "Make Money with Web Hosting" or selling a piece of old software which says "Submit Your Site To 378,000 Different FFA Link Sites" where nobody in their right mind would ever visit.

I bet you've never seen or heard that "claim to fame" before :)

I've been working out of my home based office helping families and businesses for four years now.

And I'm totally convinced I can help you launch your new website onto the Internet quickly, easily and with no stress...... right now!

I'm not some "wanna be" like some of the web hosts out there...

I Just Want To Offer You The Very Best Hosting Packages
Available On The Internet Today

At A Price Which Won't Take Bread And Butter From Your Table
And I Want To Help You With So Much FREE Advice And Assistance
You'll Tell All Your Friends About Me All Day Long!

Interested? Sign up for your FREE newsletter now, ask questions by emailing me personally at david@eziwebhost.com and check out the hosting packages I can offer you from the links
at the top of this page!

Hope to talk to you really soon,

David Cavanagh

You'll be so surprised with how much support and assistance you get when you host your new website with eziwebhost.com, you'll probably end up telling all your friends and business associates....
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